• Our Mission

Lingua Private High School will be known for its multiculturalism. Lingua students come from all over the world. Cultural diversity is one of Lingua’s greatest assets.

Schools play a critical role in strengthening multicultural inclusion in our community by providing an environment where acceptance of diversity, knowledge of other cultures and an understanding of global and local issues can be developed.

Our Values and Beliefs

We take pride in:

        High academic standards

        High standards of behaviour

       High standards of presentation

       Achievement through maximum effort

      Cultural, service and sporting achievements

       Embracing individual differences

      Valuing the contribution of all individuals

      Promoting individual self-esteem

       Promoting and utilising technology appropriately

      Promoting quality leadership and teamwork

        A rewarding partnership between school and community

We are committed to

      Promoting the best interests of students

        Personal achievement and success

         Accepting personal accountability

         Promoting quality leadership and teamwork