Our History

Lingua Private High School was born like all other things, out of a dream. What made the dream a success, was the unwavering determination and single-mindedness of the founding Director,  Mrs. Ingrid Mettler. The school is part of the Lingua Group of Schools

comprised of the following:

•             Lingua Tertiary School

•             Lingua Vocational School

•             Lingua Tutorial and Examinations Centre

 The Private School will open its doors to learners in January 2021, and comes on board to plug the gap in the Managing Director’s dream of setting up a one stop shop for educational  services, where she envisaged a student attending at Lingua Group of Schools from pre-primary until post graduate levels. Whilst the Private School start  operations in 2021, and operates independently, it taps for technical, infrastructural and financial support from the already established units of the Group of Schools. This privilege puts the School at a vantage position to offer an unparalleled quality servic.